With the notable exception of the ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ more and more summer blockbuster contenders are now being offered in 3D. While the virtues of the technology are still up for debate, there seems to have been an unintended consequence of the extra dimension: all 3D movies are now exactly the same.

Don’t believe us? Check out this incriminating piece of video evidence below.

In a way, we can’t blame the films for the lack of originality. If you are going to shoot in 3D, you pretty much have to feature a zip line ride or a fall from a New York skyscraper in order to justify the high ticket cost.

It’s worth noting that most of these films were pretty big hits. Even ‘Battleship‘ managed to pass the $300 million mark thanks to the not-so discriminating tastes of audiences overseas. So we only have ourselves to blame for Hollywood’s new habit of plagiarism in three dimensions.

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