The U.S. Government's Every Kid In a Park program gives you the chance to take your children and their friends to a National Park for free to explore everything nature has to offer.

The program is available to all fourth graders and fourth grade educators in the United States.

For Students - Just visit the Every Kid in a Park website and fill out a short diary entry about what parks and activities you are interested in. The all you have to do is print out the pass and head out!

For Teachers - Just visit the site and download an activity sheet, then print out paper passes for as many students as needed.

The Every Kid in a Park website also gives you tools for planning trips as well as a park finder so whether you or your child wants to see protected wildlife, visit the woods or just play in a park, you will be able to find the activity that's just right for you!

All the details and information you need can be found at

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