It is getting super cold in New York State. Snow loves to find places like Buffalo, Rochester, Lake Placid and the rest of the Empire State. As a homeowner, there are certain things that you need to prepare for each and every winter, one of which is keeping your pipes from freezing.

While almost everyone has had to experience this at some point or another in their life, if you haven't by the way, you are super fortunate. So, there are a few things you can do to help keep yourself out of that precarious situation.

What simple tricks can you do to help keep your pipes from freezing?

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A good thing to know is which of your exterior walls have pipes or plumbing running up against them. These exterior walls and how they are already so close to being outside, almost guarantee a freeze when the temps drop.  If you have a bathroom, a faucet or a shower that the plumbing shares a wall with the outside, you can open up the taps and let the water trickle a bit. This will keep water flowing, flowing water cannot freeze. If you can also raise the temperature of the room to at least 62- or 63-degrees Fahrenheit, it will also out you in a better spot. 

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How can you get ready for winter in the Spring or Summer?

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If you can, in the warmer weather, increase the insulation in those areas, during the warmer months that will help you as well.

If there is no heat in the room that you are trying to keep the pipes from freezing, open up the cabinet doors (say you are worried about the sink freezing) so the ambient heat of the room can warm under the cabinet. You can also place a small space heater in the room you are looking to keep the pipes from freezing. Be careful with the space heaters, as those can cause a whole other serious of issues if not watched carefully.

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