There's so much to see and do and EAT at The Great New York Fair. How do you decide what you just can't miss?

Every year, the New York State Fair just seems to get bigger and bigger - with more and more to see, do and taste. You could spend the better part of a day there and not take it all in. Of course, there are parts of the Fair that you just can't miss - but which parts?

We went to the experts - long time fair-goers - to find out what they deem the "must see" parts of the New York State Fair.

1. The Butter Sculpture - heck yes. You haven't really been to the fair if you haven't seen 800 pounds of butter carved into whatever impressive design captures this year's fair theme.

2. The Indian Village. Experience what life was like for the Iroquois Indians, and experience the traditional music, dance, crafts and customs of the Iroquois.

3. The 25 Cent Chocolate Milk. You can find this in the Dairy Building from Byrne Dairy. Grab your milk while you're checking out the butter sculpture!

4. The Skinny German Juggling Boy. We'll be honest - we never heard of this until we asked the experts. Here's his whole schedule, which comes with the following warning: "Watch out for catapults, marshmallows, lots of velcro and the Bowling Ball of Terror."

5. Pizza Fritte. Hands down, this fried dough delicacy was voted the 'must eat' food at the fair.

6. Gianelli Sausage and Peppers. "Get some Gianelli in your belly," said one expert. You can even download and print a coupon for this year.

7. Equestrian Shows. These include rider, the Clydesdales, and even the miniature horses.

8. The Horticulture Building. Check out the flowers and grab yourself a loaded baked potato.

9. The Sand Sculpture. Check out the sand sculpture at the Center of Progress Building. This year you can watch 180 tons of sand (that’s 360,000 pounds) sculpted into a work of art.

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