Imagine being more than 600 feet up in the air, trying to rescue a kitten that crawled on to a plank. Would you be able to do it?

The kitten isn't real, and you're not really 656 feet in the air - trying to walk on a small plank. But that won't stop you from believing it's really happening.

It all takes place at a Virtual Reality Research Facility in Japan. They call it the "Fear of Heights Show," and it's just one of many 'games' you can play.

Watching the reactions of the participants in this "Fear of Heights Show" sparked our interest. Apparently, the virtual reality techniques used, really make you feel like you're there - like you're really trying to rescue a kitten, and you're really, REALLY high up.

The "Virtual Reality Zone" opens on April 15th, but unfortunately it's only opening in Tokyo. Watching the video though, makes us want to take a trip to Japan!


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