If you've ever felt regret after sending a Facebook message, the social media giant is about to add a feature that can help: 'unsend'.

Whether fueled by one too many glasses of wine, anger, or simply mistaken identity - you've probably sent a Facebook message you've gone on to regret. We've all been there. You wish you could reach into the ether and pull the message back - never to be seen again. Turns out, that reality could be coming sooner than you think.

You can already delete Messenger text, but that only removes it from your phone (so you don't have to be reminded of whatever embarrassing text you sent) not from the device of the recipient. That drunk text after Saranac Thursday? There forever.

According to USA Today and a writer for TechCrunch, who posted screenshots to her Twitter account, the 'unsend' feature is being tested on Android phones. It looks like you won't be able to delete messages indefinitely, rather, there will be a window after the message is sent during which it can be deleted. There's no word on how long that window will be, but it's better than nothing.

Have you ever sent a message you regretted? What happened? 

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