Hello February.  You may be the shortest month but there are lots of reasons to like you.  Valentine's Day comes to mind.  President's Day sales is another.  A new month brings savings for shoppers, if you know what to look for.   What are the best things to buy this month?  

That tax refund might not have arrived yet, but you can still save some cash this month on these items.  According to MrsJanuary, February is a great time to buy these:

Clothes, furniture, bedding and tools.  Many of these items will be bargains during President's Day sales, so keep an eye on those ads from your favorite stores.  You can expect savings up of to 80%.  Love those three day weekend sales!

Audio equipment, digital cameras and GPS units.  It's all about getting rid of old stock and making room for new merchandise.

Big screen HDTV's and home theater systems.  You can thank the Super Bowl for that.

Jewelry:  It's a popular gift for Valentine's Day and there are some great jewelry deals out there this month.

Chocolate, candy and Valentine's Day items:  After Valentine's Day, the prices on these  items are gonna be slashed.

Fragrances:  Again, thanks to Valentine's Day, expect savings on fragrances this month.

Air conditioners:  Nobody is thinking about them this month but now is the time to buy them before demand gets high when the warm weather arrives.

Video games:  Retailers want to get rid of their old stock and make space for the new games.  Now is the time to save.

Are you ready to shop now?