Ever since I was a kid, I have been one of those people who fills my pockets with rocks and shells. It drove my mother nuts when she had to do my laundry. If I went to the beach, I filled my pockets with shells and if I was hiking in the woods, I was picking up stones all along the way. How I never become a geologist is beyond me.

Fast forward to me being an adult and you will still find me picking up stones on my travels and of course, my shell collection is ridiculous. But even with all my collecting I never realized how many stones are right here in New York and specifically in the Hudson Valley.

Where to Go in the Hudson Valley to Find Crystals


Obviously, if you are on the hunt for crystals or collectible stones it is easy to go to a Hudson Valley crystal shop but it could be more fun to hunt one down of your own. Now most of us have heard of a Herkimer Diamond some of you may have even traveled to Northern New York on a field trip with school to actually see the area where you can mine for them.

What Stone Can You Find in the Hudson Valley?

But did you that right here in our part of the Hudson Valley you can track down three different stones that are very sought-after by collectors? The Hudson River near Cornwall, NY is where you can find Jasper and Bloodstone and in Peekskill, NY you can find Sunstone. According to New York Rockhounding who helped me find out that information, there are a total of ten places to find Rocks and minerals in New York including Garnets in the area of Gore Mountain.

Where to Shop for Crystals in the Hudson Valley, NY

Crystal and Stone Shops in the Hudson Valley, NY

If you aren't in the mood to hike around New York to find your own crystals and stones there are plenty of Hudson Valley shops that can help you find something you are sure to like from worry stones to crystal skulls.

Places to find Old Stones in the Hudson Valley

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