The late night fireworks being shot off all over Central New York have led to the death of a beloved dog in Rome.

Nearly every night, in neighborhoods from Utica to Rome, and everywhere in between, you'll hear fireworks. Some are legal, and some aren't - and many explode well beyond the limits of noise ordinances.

This weekend, Anna Allen posted on Facebook to see her family's beloved maltipoo, Jack, had been so afraid of the fireworks in her neighborhood - he ran ran off.  "Last night when fire works were going on he got scared and sped off. We searched and searched and called for him. But no luck. He is EXTREMELY friendly." Anna begged for help finding her precious dog, "He is a very loved pup. We appreciate any tips or help in finding him."

Unfortunately, when they found Jack, it was too late. "Sadly soon after this post we got a knock on the door that he had been hit by a car on Gifford Rd. It breaks my heart that they didn't even bother to stop but I am so thankful for the people who not only called it in, but stayed by his side so that he wasn't alone. Our hearts are shattered and our family is grieving heavily."

For some pets, fireworks are absolutely terrifying, causing dogs to break free from their leashes, jump through fences, and in one case, even jump from a window in an effort to escape.

For pet owners with a dog that is afraid of fireworks, July 4th often requires several precautions to keep their pets safe. Now that fireworks are fired off nearly every night, it's almost unbearable.

Please be considerate when shooting off fireworks. If you can take them to a less populated area, great. Please consider your city or town's noise ordinance as well.

The American Veterinary Medical Association offers the following tips for dogs when fireworks are going off:

  • Leave your pets at home when you go to parties, fireworks displays, parades and other gatherings.
  • Consider putting your pets in a safe, escape-proof room or crate during parties and fireworks.
  • If you’re hosting guests, ask them to help keep an eye on your pets to make sure they don’t escape. Placing notes on exit doors and gates can help both you and your guests remain vigilant.
  • Keep your pets inside if you or your neighbors are setting off fireworks.


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