A Utica woman is warning other pet-owners after she says her cat, Sammy, was shot in the leg. Sammy will need to have his leg amputated as a result.

Christina Zbytniewski lives on Arlington Road, near Jones School in Utica. He cat, Sammy, spends part of his day outdoors. On Monday, she says Sammy was out in the neighborhood. "I was seeing him every 20 minutes or so, he wasn't far. He came in about 3:30 limping, with a wound (to his front leg)."

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Of course, Christina immediately took her cat to the vet, and that's where she says she got the shocking news: Sammy had been shot. "I asked if it was a BB gun and they said no, it was an actual bullet." (Since this story was originally published, the projectile has been identified as a pellet, according to Officer Pulaski at the CNYSPCA.)

Unfortunately for Sammy, he will have to have his leg amputated, but Christina says it was her only alternative to having Sammy put down.

Christina says she called the Utica Police Department, who sent the Animal Control Officer.

"It's scary that someone shot a firearm in the neighborhood. There were kids outside all day, people walking, etc," Christina writes.

The CNYSPCA is looking for information on the incident. They can be reached 315-748-8889.

Right now, there are no other reports of cats being deliberately injured in the South Utica area. If you have any information, please contact beth@lite987.com

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