Fleetwood Mac In Concert
Photo by Rob Loud/Getty Images

Fleetwood Mac brought their 2013 tour to the Mohegan Sun casino on Saturday April 20. Click through for a review of the show.

Unlike many tours, there  was no opening act.  The concert was two and a half full hours of non-stop Fleetwood Mac.

The set list for the concerts on the tour consist of 23 songs and two encores.  The full setlist from setlist.fm

The group plays music spanning their career, especially the 'Fleetwood Mac,' 'Rumours' and 'Tusk' albums.

Tusk gets a special place in the show.  Lindsay Buckingham explains how radical the album was at the time and several songs are featured including the concert-rarity 'Sisters of the Moon.'  They also perform the high-energy USC Marching Band driven title track (and if I had to pick just one - my favorite Fleetwood Mac song).  Here is Tusk from earlier in the Tour in Columbus:

Some new music is featured from an upcoming EP.

And each member of the group has an opportunity to show off and bring down the house.  Buckingham heats up the guitar on tracks like 'Big Love.'  Stevie Nicks fills the house with emotion when she twirls to her ethereal vocals on songs like 'Gold Dust Woman' and 'Gypsy.' Finally, the always-jovial Mick Fleetwood gets a bananas drum solo on 'World Turning.'



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