What should you get for your birthday? What do you deserve for your special day? Well, we have a fun little chart that will tell you...

Alright, now before the people who take everything way too seriously start speaking out, this is Just. For. FUN. You've probably see those charts and collages on Facebook and Instagram that say something about "Your birth month and the color of your t-shirt = What you should be for Halloween" and you follow the chart to find out what you should dress up as. Or the ones as simple as "The last thing you ate and the color of your underwear = Your band name," which I'm sure you've seen floating around on social media.

Well, this little "chart" is just like that, except it will be for what you deserve to get on your birthday. And it's really simple, there's not two or three steps to it (like some of them).

Alright, are you ready to find out what you deserve for your birthday?? Check out our chart and see for yourself:

Birthday Chart That Tells You What You Should Get for Your Special Day
Created By: Naomi Lynn via Canva

What do you think??

Are you happy with what you should get for your birthday? Did you get one of the "lame" gifts? Do you wish you got a different present on the list? Let us know - You can always leave us a comment or message on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.




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