I've seen MTV's 'Teen Mom' a couple of times and gotta admit it's addicting! The lives of the women on this show are so rough and likely makes us either identify with them or thank God we're not in their shoes. Like any reality show we project ourselves into their situations and speculate as to what we'd do, but Janelle Evan's life is so topsy turvy, we can't help but just watch on every single medium available to us...


Brunswick County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images
Brunswick County Sheriff's Department via Getty Images


In the past year she's had two engagements, one marriage, countless legal battles, break-ups, Twitter feuds and trips to the emergency room, and as of this week, a miscarriage scare. All of it has been broadcast not on MTV but on Jenelle's Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Here is her legit Twitter Account so you can keep track of her life and hopefully someday she'll manage to get herself on top of things... Parenting is rough enough as it as but these girls on this show have been dealt some craziness, some more than others and it probably doesn't help any that Jenelle makes her private life so public but that's what our society seems to get high on... A modern day gladiatorial arena of sorts where we can't help but watch people implode by fighting inner demons and those around them verbally rather than with swords and spears.


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