I remember the first time I watched Catfish on MTV and became obsessed. Sorta kinda freaked out a little when I read that they were back in Central New York filming.

According to Syracuse.com, photos and video on social media show “Catfish” host Nev Schulman walking around near Armory Square and by the Syracuse.com building today while cameras were rolling. An unidentified person, who may be the subject of an upcoming episode, was spotted with Schulman.

Schulman has hosted “Catfish” since 2012, discussing the lives of those who are “catifshed,” or fooled by a fake social media account created with the intention of seducing and/or deceiving someone online. I have friends who have dealt with this but this is a whole different level of CRAZY!

“Catfish” previously filmed an episode in Watertown in 2015; when it aired in 2016, segments identified the Northern New York city as “Syracuse.”

No details about this have been announced, and it is unclear when the episode will air.

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