"Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" is one of my favorite Food Network shows. When I heard Guy Fieri made a stop in Central New York, I was excited. I needed to see that episode, like... yesterday.


Photo By: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment

I've seen a lot of episodes of "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" from Fieri heading to Arizona and trying brisket at this gas station/barbeque place, to him being in Bakersfield, California for some Texas-style chili. Out of all the episodes I've seen though, I had never seen the one where he comes to Central New York. When I heard about it, I just had to stalk it out and find out where he went, and what he tried.

I had a few guesses to where that might be (and what it might be). I was right on the 'what,' but wrong on the place. Of course he had to try something that was uniquely from Central New York.

Guy Fieri headed into Syracuse to a place called "Pastabilities." (Ed: Have you ever tried their Spicy Hot Tomato Oil?) I'm sure you can guess what he tried. If not, well it was Chicken Riggies. Actually, they were called "Wicked Chicken Riggies."

Here's the clip from that episode.


There are so many places in Central New York that do chicken riggies, and every place seems to have their different take on the dish. I think you would have to do a whole day of traveling and tasting the different versions before you could pick the best one to be featured on the show.

And that's no hit to "Pastabilities." I've never had their "Wicked Chicken Riggies." Maybe that's where I'll have to stop when I head back to Syracuse for another segment of "New to Naomi."