This story appeared in the Utica OD a few days ago and I have to say I agree with the proposal. Having had lived next to people who have a kennel for pets, it can get annoying.

About 60 residents filled the Town Hall of Forestport Tuesday evening to voice their concerns on the proposed local law on the harboring and maintaining of animals. The proposed law would require residents to apply for a permit to own more than three adult dogs and/or five adult cats. It also gives guidelines for acreage, feeding, shelter and grooming of other animals such as pigs, sheep, llamas, horses and goats.

After the town council last year was issued a petition in regards to the care of animals in the area, town Supervisor William Hasenauer said they decided to draft the proposed law.

“Why should people who take care of their pets be penalized (because of the minority)?” one resident asked the council. But that's my point, If you have a farm of pets, no matter how hard you try, it can be a hindrance to the comforts and quality of life of the neighborhood.

Am I out of line?