Snowmobile riders beware, bad decisions can lead to consequences. Not following the rules can ruin the fun for many people, including yourself. That's exactly what's happening in Deerfield.

Deerfield Snow Trails announced on their Facebook page Wednesday that they are closing a section of the trail off to riders until further notice. The landowners have submitted complaints of four snowmobile riders leaving the marked trails and driving onto private land.

With that being said, route S75B is now closed from the covered bridge at Junction 111 going west until Junction 43. There are currently signs posted and openings to the trail have been taped off. No plan has been created for a detour this season.

Deerfield Snow Trails says all it took was four people to ruin the fun for everyone else. They are suggesting that the people responsible should go and apologize to the landowners. "We know you won't but still it would be nice if you did."

Deerfield Snow Trails via Facebook
Deerfield Snow Trails via Facebook

Other reports have been made saying someone drove off the trail on S75 by John Road. Not only did they drive onto private property and trails, but they damaged a newly built pad constructed to stop land erosion.

Another complaint involves the loudness of the sleds. The Trail Team is asking all snowmobiles with mods or broken tail pipes to fix them before hitting the trails. "No one wants to hear your noise. They are closing trails whether you want to believe it or not."

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