Utica's newest KFC is opening soon and they're kicking it off by giving away lots of free chicken. In case you haven't noticed the construction on North Genesee Street, this is where the old Pizza Hut used to be. Now It has been transformed into a sleek, new, modern restaurant.

KFC - North Genesee St, Utica
Tadpole & CJ/TSM Utica

KFC's newest franchise, opening Thursday, January 25, is owned by local resident Alex Rosenblum. It's also interesting to note that he has employed all local contractors to do the work on the new location. And of course, it will be employing lots of other folks from around the area. So before you complain "it's just another chain", remember all the local impact it DOES have.

And now onto the free chicken. They will be opening Thursday morning at 10:30 and:

The first 25 customers will get free $5 Fill Ups for a year.

And that means your choice of 4 combos, once a week for a whole year - Two-Piece Drumstick & Thigh, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Breast or the Famous Bowl. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

KFC - North Genesee St, Utica
CJ/TSM Utica

So Thursday morning - weather is going to be cold but at least it will probably be dry. Would you head out early and wait in line to win free KFC for a year?


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