Are you looking for something to do this upcoming February? Better yet, how about something FREE? Utica University has your back.

Utica University is offering its FREE Film Series, available for both students and the general public alike! These films will be screened every Thursday from February 1 - March 7 at 7 P.M. in the Macfarlane Auditorium located in DePerno Hall.

The University will display a wide selection of cinema; showcasing filmmakers and unique stories from all over the world. These are not the types of films you can find in your local movie theaters. So, for a free experience, it’s not an opportunity local movie lovers will want to miss!

For this spring’s film series, the Utica University has released this schedule:

Date/Time: February 1, 7pm
Film: Total Trust
Description: “Chilling and urgent documentary revealing the lives of three families in China who have been monitored, intimidated and even tortured by their own government.”

Date/Time: February 8, 7pm
Film: Songs of the Earth
Description: “Stunning, deeply personal cinematic work about life, death, nature, and about simply being present in the world.”

Date/Time: February 15, 7pm
Film: Skin Deep
Description: “Leyla and Tristan travel to a remote island with numerous other couples  where they embark on a body-swapping journey that explores questions of experience, identity, and the pursuit of happiness.“

Date/Time: February 22, 7pm
Film: Inside the Yellow Cacoon Shell
Description:  “A simple story of a thirty-something man’s journey back to his rural hometown in Vietnam, where he wrestles with his own agnosticism in the face of others' religious beliefs, becomes an enthralling meditation on faith, loss, and nature.”

Date/Time: February 29, 7pm
Film: Four Daughters
Description: “This compelling portrait of five women is a unique and ambitious work of nonfiction cinema that explores the nature of memory, the weight of inherited trauma, and the ties that bind mothers and daughters.”

Date/Time: March 7, 7pm
Film: The Old Oak
Description: "A once proud community in the Northeast of England strains to find the compassion to welcome Syrian refugees trying to make a new home for themselves in the struggling village.

You can get more information about these upcoming films and this amazing (FREE) opportunity here.

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