If you are a woman who runs a business in the Mohawk Valley of Central New York, did you know there are grants for women-owned businesses? Here's how much you could get, and how to apply.

The Women's Fund of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, in cooperation with Baird Private Wealth Management and Griffiss Institute, is sponsoring four $5,000 grants to women in business in the two counties. This money can make a huge difference to your business. Why? It can help keep things moving for.

Here's How It Works

1) The business applying for the grant must be at least 51 percent women-owned and have been operating for a year or more.

2) Grant funds can be used for equipment, hardware, software, consulting services, training, education and marketing.

How Do You Apply?

The application deadline is September 29th 2023. You can apply online HERE. Grants will be awarded in November.

What Is The Women's Fund?

The Women's Fund is a volunteer driven agency funded by donor contributions and led by women who want to create a movement to change the lives of women and girls in our area.

There are four distinct grant programs:

The Women's Fund provides support through grants to local non-profit agencies that benefit the most vulnerable women and girls.

Annie's Fund provides support to individual women in a temporary, resolvable crisis.

Isla's Fund provides support to women students facing obstacles in their educational pursuits.

Women Investing in Women provides support to small women-owned businesses in need of resources to help their business grow and to support their success.

You can learn more online here.

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