National Nurses Day was May 6 and Nurses Week in the U.S. runs until May 12, 2020. Medical pros can take advantage of all sorts of deals here in Central New York--even while surfing their computers from the comfort of their homes.

Companies are giving back to those who save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses are even going the extra yard by offering special deals and freebies to them from now through May 12th. Direct your favorite health care worker to this short list:

Chipotle: Healthcare workers can sign up for a chance to receive free burritos.

Snickers: You can do a good deed and sign up an essential workerup to receive a free Snickers bar. They’ll receive an e-gift card, which is redeemable at Walmart. For every bar sent, Snickers makes a donation to support first responders.

Starbucks: Since March 25, they've been giving out free tall coffees to first responders and front-line healthcare workers, and they'll keep doing it through May.

Adidas: The clothing brand is offering a 40% discount to verified medical professionals, first responders, nurses and military members on its website.

Crocs: The company is donating free shoes to those on the frontlines of health care. Eligible workers can “queue up” for a free pair every day on the Crocs website starting at noon Eastern.

Nike: First responders and medical pros in the U.S. get a 20% discount on most online items. You must verify your employment status before receiving a promo code.

The North Face: All through Nurses Week and through the end of 2020, healthcare workers and first responders get a 50% discount on non-sale items online and at North Face stores in the U.S.

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