Some say that living in Utica can be an acquired taste. Our weather certainly can be. A group of travelers, from much warmer climates, took to Reddit recently to share a story of the hospitality they enjoyed while in Utica.

Reddit user scrappyusf posted on the Utica subreddit that he was in town with a friend to take in the Comets game, tour the FX Matt brewery and enjoy Varick Street. Here's a great little bit of Utica hospitality.

Just wanted to mentioned some acts of Utica kindness. The cashier at Lukin's knew that we were visiting from warmer climates (my other friend who came flew in from San Diego) and offered us some free hot coffee before our walk to the Aud. Shoutout to the older peeps at the end of the brewery tour for giving three young gentlemen excessive amounts of free beer tickets--you rule.

To, scrappyusf, we're glad you enjoyed your time here in our hometown. Come back anytime...although this time of year, could we just come visit you in Florida for a while?

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