Winter is rough in the northeast. Well, now there's an ice cream that accurately describes the troubles of winter, and we can ALL enjoy it.

It's called "Nor'easter Pothole" and it sums up winter in Central New York. Okay, not just CNY, but throughout the Northeastern United States. But here in Central New York we KNOW the deal, we know how the roads get so torn up from the plows and from the freezing and re-freezing of the roadways. We know how a nor'easter can be rough and put things at a stand-still for a day (or two). But we also know how to handle the troubles of winter better than most. And because of that, we deserve a treat... Like ice cream. And Friendly's has taken advantage of that, and made this delicious-sounding new ice cream flavor...

So what can you expect with this "Nor'easter Pothole"? Well, according to Friendly's website...

Dig into this limited edition flavor made with chocolate ice cream, a fudge swirl, crushed chocolate crème cookies and chocolate chips.

...We told you it sounded delicious.

The next time you have to pick up those groceries or maybe you just have a craving for some ice cream, keep your eyes open for this new Friendly's ice cream flavor. You can pick up Friendly's ice cream from a variety of shops across Central New York including at Hannaford locations, and Price Chopper locations. Flavors vary by store, however.




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