The cast of Friends won’t be reprising their iconic roles during the upcoming reunion on HBO Max. According to David Schwimmer, who played Ross on the show, the actors will be returning as themselves for an all-cast retrospective.

We can expect to see Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courtney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler), and Schwimmer (Ross) together for the highly anticipated reunion on the Warner Bros. lot. While on the Graham Norton Show, Schwimmer gave fans an update on the Friends special. He understandably couldn’t share a lot of details, but he did inform the audience that no one would show up as their character.

“I’ll be myself. I’ll be David. There’s nothing scripted. We’re not in character ... yeah ... so it’s all, we’re all ourselves,” said Schwimmer. “The real people. Although there is one section of it that, I don’t want to give away, but where we, we all read something.” It’s possible that the cast could be participating in some sort of table read, which would give us a taste of their original characters while staying rooted in reality.

Friends ran for 10 seasons on NBC, generating a passionate fan base that continues to grow, thanks to broadcast syndication and streaming. A reunion has been in the works for a long time now, facing a series of delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike other sitcoms that had more conventional TV revivals, such as Full House and RoseanneFriends will keep things simple.

While a premiere date for the reunion hasn’t been set yet, it has been confirmed that the Ben Winston-directed special will start filming this week.

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