Although these frigid temperatures are unbearable, they do make for beautiful displays of ice and snow, including in Niagara Falls.

Much of the US is blanketed in an Arctic freeze, with temperatures near or below zero-degrees. Factor in the wind, and we're well into the negative degrees. Even places in the south are dealing with this awful cold weather, like Austin, Texas, with high temperatures in the low 30s (although that sounds pretty good to us, right about now).

Even though the cold weather has left us all in hibernation mode, there is still some good to take away from it. We're talking about the beauty of nature. There's just something so hypnotic about seeing all the ice and snow built-up, like Niagara Falls, for example:

Incredible, right?! Mother Nature is an impressive force, that's for sure. By the way, the link in the tweet takes you to more breath-taking photos of frozen Niagara Falls.

And how about this one?

Looks like a face, doesn't it?

Yes, the cold weather can make for some beautiful displays, but when will we get a break from freezing our buns off?? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will be anytime soon. We'll make it into the upper teens and lower 20s for the next few days, but we go back to even colder temps for the weekend. Saturday's high temp in the Utica Area is -4.




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