UPDATE: Route 12 (North-South Arterial Highway) is re-opened in both directions (NB/SB) between Route 5S/Route 5A (Oriskany Street) and the Sauquoit Valley Arterial in the City of Utica. The Route 12 southbound off-ramp is still closed to Route 8 southbound and the Route 8 northbound off-ramp is closed to Route 12 southbound due to the overturned tanker and gasoline spill. UFD Chief Russ Brooks says that it is estimated about 9,000 gallons was spilled from the tanker.

A fuel tanker truck has overturned on the Route 8 south ramp from the North-South Arterial. Utica Police say Route 12 southbound has been closed from French Rd. to the Yahnundasis Country Club and Route 12 Northbound is closed from the Yahnundasis Country Club to Lomond Place.

The following exits are closed off of Rt. 840: Rt. 12 North/South and Campion Road.

UPDATE: Rt. 840 is now closed west from Washington Mills and East from Commercial Drive.

Hazmat crews are on the scene to cleanup the fuel spill.

No injuries have been reported.

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