If Friday the 13th is bad luck, will a full moon bring good luck on Friday January 13th?

Unfortunately, on Friday the 13th in January, we will not see a full moon. The full moon for the month of January will take place on Thursday January 12th at 6:34 am.

Technically on Friday the 13th, the Moon will have entered the Waning Gibbous Moon phase, which means that a portion of the visible Moon will begin to decrease until the New Moon hits.

However, never fear. Most wiccans, psychics, and spiritual people feel the Moons lucky energy for 2 days before the full moon, and 2 days after. Therefore, on Friday the 13th you'll still have some luck.

The last time we experienced a full moon on Friday the 13th was June 13th 2014. The next time we will experience a full moon on Friday the 13th is August 13th 2049.



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