If you're superstitious, we have some great news for you.

Whether you're completely freaked out about "Friday the 13th," or you just use a little more caution on those Fridays (just in case), you won't have a lot to worry about for the rest of the year... Which is great because there is a lot of 2017 left.

And when we say there's "One Friday the 13th to Keep an Eye Out for..." we don't mean that one Friday the 13th is going to be worse than the others. We actually mean there is only one Friday the 13th in all of 2017. It does seem to wait for the best month for spookiness though, because the only one is in October.

So if you're superstitious, even just a little bit, you'll want to watch out for Friday, October 13th. With it being the only Friday the 13 and it happens to be in October, it will probably be one of the 'weirdest' or craziest Friday the 13ths in a long time.

But if you're like a lot of people and Friday the 13th doesn't mean anything to you, then no worries. You'll be fine. You may want to be a little cautious just in case, but we're sure this "bad luck" day won't affect you.

How do you feel about Friday the 13th??




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