A young man named Eliphalet Remington II had made his own gun on his father's forge at Ilion Gulch.  After he attended a shooting match, many others were so impressed with his rifle that he was asked to make many more.  That was 200 years ago, and that when the Remington Arms Company was born.

Here are some fun facts about Ilion's Remington Arms taken from their website:

- Remington Arms employs more than 1,100 people at their Ilion plant.

- Remington has been at the same location since 1828.

- Remington's Ilion plant has more than 26 acres of buildings.

- Remington Arms has nearly 1 million square feet of space in Ilion.

- Remington Arms in the oldest continuous gun maker in the U.S.

- Remington employs about 15 families with 3 generations.

- Remington has nearly 100 employees who have worked there for over    30 years.

- Remington has 10 employees who have at least 40 years with the company.

- Remington Arms had roughly 10,000 employees during World War 1.

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