Something I’d love to see, but sad to report on it looks like a Genesis tour anytime soon isn’t likely. Both Genesis, and former vocalist Peter Gabriel, are both asked possibilities of a reunion, and we have the answer from Ultimate Classic Rock.

Peter Gabriel

While promoting his upcoming ‘New Blood’ concert film release, Gabriel dug into the subject with Rolling Stone. Along with Gabriel, Phil Collins is also a factor in the reunion tour.

Gabriel feels the reunion is an idea whose time has passed. He walked away back in 2005 from a reunion tour when he felt like it would eat up too much time that he wanted to devote to other projects.

“You know, we had a great run. They did way better after I left anyway. So I don’t know think anyone has anything to complain about.” So while he doesn’t close the door on things, he says that the chances are in the “outside department of the betting shop.

If Collins’ condition were to improve, and the band were to play a one-off show, Gabriel hopes they follow the lead of Led Zeppelin’s successful reunion date from a few years ago. “I went to that gig, and they certainly worked their butts off rehearsing.”

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