Technology changes so fast these days that it is often difficult to keep up. Electronics that were once must-haves are now old hat and new gadgets are taking their places. However, some of your old favorites may still be the best options.

According to Yahoo Finance, here's a list of Gadgets You Should Get Rid Of (Or Not):

DESKTOP COMPUTER- Lose it. Laptops have everything you need. There is nothing the average computer user can't get from a laptop.
  • HIGH-SPEED INTERNET AT HOME- Keep it. Even though MiFi (a device that changes 3G into Wi-Fi) exists now, it only works well if you have a great data signal at home. If you want reliable internet and the ability to watch Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix, don't lose your high-speed internet.
  • CABLE TV- Depends. Cable can still be a nice perk, but if you aren't in desperate need of it, you can get by with most shows by subscribing to Hulu Plus, Netflix, or Amazon Instant Video.
  • POINT-AND-SHOOT CAMERA- Lose it. Although Smartphone cameras are probably not as good as the old point-and-shoot cameras, they are much more convenient. It is extremely easy to share pictures on a Smartphone, and there are apps to make your pictures look extra awesome. You may not take your camera everywhere, but you usually take your phone everywhere. It is always nice to be able to capture a moment at any time of day.
CAMCORDER- Lose it. If you are just looking to take some fun videos, a Smartphone will work fine. If the quality isn't good enough, you are probably in need of a nice (and expensive) camera. There is very little need for something in the middle of the two.
  • USB THUMB DRIVE- Lose it. If you need to share files, you don't need hardware. You can usually move files around using the internet. You can e-mail files to yourself or sign up for Dropbox or any other service where you can create a "private, shareable hard drive in the cloud."
  • DIGITAL MUSIC PLAYER- Lose it (probably). Two words: Smart. Phone. If you want a small music player for something such as exercise or background noise, purchase an iPod Shuffle.
  • ALARM CLOCK- Keep it. Remember when the iPhone alarms didn't work and people woke up late? It's always safer to have a good old alarm clock --they are less complicated, anyway.
  • GPS UNIT- Lose it. If you have a Smartphone, forget about buying a GPS. Smartphones usually have free or cheap GPS systems -- cheaper than a normal GPS.
  • BOOKS- Keep them (with one exception). Digital books are great, but let's be honest -- nothing compares to a real live book. You never have to recharge a book's battery. One great style of digital books to purchase? Cookbooks. They are cheap and extremely handy.

What else would you keep or lose?