GameFly really wishes it could get subscribers to cough up a monthly fee to play things like Angry Birds Space and Ziggurat, but its mad scientists have yet to find a way to stick a game disc or cartridge into your iPhone.

So the Netflix of Gaming is trying the next best thing — giving out free and cheap games via its iOS app.

In a clever ploy geared to get you checking the app every day, it will pick out an iGame each day, slap a Game of the Day label on it and start up a downloading frenzy. Games the company will hoist to Game of the Day status include Siege Hero, Jewel Quest, The Oregon Trail and Samurai vs. Zombies Defense. The app lets you download the games by tapping on a prompt.

Even better, you don’t even have to be a GameFly subscriber to take advantage of this hotness. It’s as if GameFly is sitting there, sobbing in the corner over the fact that you’re neglecting its stuff for iPhone games, so it’s resorted to sending you love notes attached to gifts in order to keep it on your mind. And it’s totally working.