A sanitation worker in Georgia will be doing jail time because he picked up trash at 5am one morning. What a load of garbage right? Well apparently some disturbed citizens in this little Georgia town are known to blow up 911 if trash is collected any time before 7am. The noisy truck at such an early hour just isn't tolerated by folks in Sandy Springs.

Chief prosecutor Bill Riley said picking up waste too early in the morning has been a recurring problem no matter what approach is taken to limit the issue. He asked the judge to sentence McGill to 30 days in jail. 

(Atlanta Suntimes)

Riley also says that fining the sanitation workers doesn't stop them from picking up the trash too early. He claims the only thing that works is locking them up. The garbage man, whose name is Kevin McGill, will serve the next 14 weekends behind bars. McGill still can't believe he'll be serving hard time for such a silly offense, but he seems to be taking it all in stride and hasn't done any trash talking.



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