Friends ask for little favors all the time: picking up the kids from hockey practice, help moving furniture, or maybe helping her out when she had a little too much fun at Saranac Thursday the night before. And then there are bigger favors...

Have you ever been in this situation? The phone rings late at night. It's not a number you recognize, but it's local - so you answer. When you do, it's a friend asking for help: they need to be bailed out of Oneida County jail.

Yup. That happened last night. I had to bail my friend out of jail. 

One of my friends ran out of gas on the New York State Thruway, and after a series of unfortunate events that included an unpaid dog license that was actually paid, and an arrest warrant, she ended up in jail. And that's when my phone rang...about 5 minutes before I went to bed. (Clearly, New Hartford takes their dog licensing VERY seriously.)

In a scenario like that - you can't say no. You just go.

Obviously, I'm neither the first or the last person who will ever get a call to bail a friend out of jail - but it was absolutely the craziest request I've ever gotten from a friend. Maybe not at the level of OJ Simpson calling his friend AC Cowling to take a ride in a white Ford Bronco...but in my pretty average life, it felt like it.

(On a side note, I'm pretty straight and narrow anyway, but if it's possible to be scared STRAIGHTER - I am. Also, I realize I would not look good in orange or shackles.)

What's the most unusual request for a favor you've ever gotten from a friend? Did you do it? 




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