We think we've found the highest gas prices in the nation, California's Catalina Island, about 25 off the coast of Los Angeles.  Regular unleaded gasoline has topped $7.00 per gallon.

Everything on the secluded resort island is brought in by barge, and that includes gasoline.  While national fuel prices average just over 3.90 and California's average is nearly 4.30, Catalina's prices are through the roof.

The reason for the high prices?

Along with other supplies, gasoline comes to the island on barges from the mainland, Island Company marketing specialist Brittani Brisacher said.

The company owns a gas station in Avalon and another in Two Harbors, an unincorporated community on the other side of the island. They're the only two sources of fuel for cars on Catalina.

“We barely make anything off of it,” Brisacher said.

The cheapest gas on Catalina is now $7.05 per gallon, she said. Clearly, Catalina residents are paying quite a bit more than the rest of us.