The Insane Inflatable 5K is back in Syracuse at the Lafayette Apple Festival grounds on September 26th. Have questions about the event? Here's our general questions and answers information. 

Q: Is The Race Timed?

A: No, the race and its participants do not get timed. We’re solely about having an INSANE time on the course.


Q: Can Spectators Attend For Free?

A: Yes, all spectators can attend for free.


Q: Can I Skip An Obstacle?

A: Absolutely. If at any time you feel uncomfortable completing any of the obstacles, just walk around it.


Q: Is There A Weight Limit On The Obstacles?

A: No, there is no weight limit.


Q: Is There An Age/Height Requirement To Participate?

A: All participants at least 42" tall on event day can run the course. There is no minimum age to participate.


For more questions, you can ask and find out answers here.