George Zimmerman told the jury that he never tried to identify himself as a neighborhood watch volunteer before fatally shooting the unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin. "I was scared," he said in a taped police interrogation three days after the killing.

According to Reuters:

At one point, Zimmerman told police Martin approached his vehicle, which had been following him, partly circling it on foot before coming to a stop about a car length away. But Zimmerman rolled up his car window and ignored Martin, while speaking with a non-emergency police dispatcher.

"He wasn't within ear shot and I didn't want to confront him," Zimmerman said, when asked why he hadn't used that opportunity to say he was a neighborhood watchman.

"Did it ever occur to you to actually ask this person what he was doing out there?" asked Serino, who noted Martin may have perceived Zimmerman as a threat because he was following him.

"No sir," Zimmerman said.

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