It's not always easy getting to the polls on Election Day, but now you can use an app on your phone to get a ride to your polling place to cast your vote.

Voter turnout in the United States is about 40% for midterm elections, like the one that's about to held in New York (and across the country) on November 6, 2018. That's not too great - everyone who is eligible should make their vote heard. That's why the ride-hailing service Uber is partnering with DemocracyWorks and #VoteTogether to get folks a ride to their polling place for free.

According to, "anyone with an Uber account can use its app to quickly find their polling place and book a ride to get there for free (in markets where Uber is available). The promotion will be available to all users, and will launch automatically when they open the app." From there, you will be issued a promo code you can redeem for the free ride.

Note sure where to vote? Go to DemocracyWorks, because they also have an app called "Turbo Vote" that can help you register to vote, find your polling place, and even alert you when an election is coming up. Their goal is to get voter turnout to 80% by 2024.

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