I wish I could tell you that if you click on this story it would cause Kim Kardashian to just disappear, but alas the media is once again all abuzz about absolutely nothing, this time about her 'Kimye' baby bump being revealed. Since when are pregnant shots news? Yes, they may add to a woman's glow, but she was never all that lit up in the first place, so the only glow I see is the flash from the camera. If I was paparazzi I'd ask her to move out of the way so I could shoot the much more exciting wall behind her. Get a life, really... But if you wanna see, drumroll.... and feast your eyes on... THIS:


Twitter / Supplied By Xposurephotos.com


Oh Em Gee!! Aren't you just beside yourself with excitement? That was truly worth the 1.5 seconds that it took to look at right? I especially liked the old phones, nice touch. I'm guessing they're talking to each other? Kourtney has a kissy face and Kim actually looks scared prob cause they each have absolutely no idea what they're in for with motherhood. Just like I've heard so many times in regards to father the same is true for moms: You may be a mommy, but being a mother takes a real woman. So, all you real moms out there, do this for me: let's see YOUR baby bumps! Post a pic of your bump(s) below (past or present) and let's show the world some REAL news... In the meantime, here's Jimmy Kimmel giving it to Kim, no not the way Kanye or Ray J did. God I love sarcasm.


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