This year Romans want to honor one of our own at the Honor America Days celebration in Rome: Alan Dobransky.

Alan Dobransky was injured at his home by the mail/bomb. Three Ohio residents were arrested in connection with sending the explosive device that injured Alan. On the "People and Places Of Rome NY" Facebook page, Michelle wants to do something very special for Alan:

Keep the prayers coming for this man that he continues to make a swift recovery. No matter who you spoke to who knows him, they had one word to describe him: kind. I would love to see Rome Honor America Days honor this man for his courage in the face of adversity and his contribution as commander of our VFW Rome Post. How do we make this happen?"

In order to make this happen, it's very simple: contact the mayor of Rome. Mayor Izzo is the chairperson for the event. Let's contact her and see if she can help. You can send her an email, or call the office at (315) 339-7677 and mention you'd like to have Alan honored at this years event.

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