Welcome to Rome
Eric Meier/TSM

Rome's Honor America Days parade is one of the longest and best parades in Central New York. Is is also one of the messiest?

The issue was raised recently on the popular People and Places of Rome Facebook group.

What's the problem? There are lots of candy, popcicles, flyers and more handed out along the parade. Wrappers and more gets left behind despite having extra trash collection barrels along the route.

Some commentors looked for a similarity to the aftermath of Utica's Boilermaker 15K race. The difference, as other's pointed out, that the Boilermaker entrants pay a fee to run, and the Boilermaker is able to pay for assistance with trash removal from the Oneida Herkimer Solid Waste Authority.

The Rome Clean and Green is a wonderful volunteer organization that puts in countless volunteer hours to help clean the city's streets and neighborhoods.

The best way to keep Rome clean during and after the parade is, of course, personal responsibility. Carrying a little bag to clean up the candy wrappers and other trash from the parade would be the best, easiest way to keep Rome beautiful.

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