The cold temperatures this winter have brought loads of snow perfect for snowmobiling in Central New York. But with that has come an increased number of unhappy people who live near the trails. The most common complaint? Loud exhausts.

Modified exhaust systems, also known as "pipes" or "cans", intensify the amount of noise coming from the muffler. The exhaust has no effect on the speed or performance of the snowmobile, which is one of the many reasons why landowners are upset.

Nathan Allred/Thinkstock
Nathan Allred/Thinkstock

Trackside Blazers Snowmobile Club took to Facebook to express the concerns the community has been sharing.

We are very fortunate to have very gracious and cooperative landowners. Many of which are right out there with us any time there is work to be done. BUT - They are not going to tolerate the noise and the speed on their property. If we lose the privilege of having our trail on private property because of people being assholes, the club will not be in a hurry to spend the time and manpower to find a reroute.

Anyone with an altered exhaust is being asked to stay home and not go on the trails. Most trails in the region are privately owned, meaning the landowners have every right to close off their property from the trail. Trails in Deerfield have already closed because of disrespectful riders. The fear is for that to keep happening across the region.

This is everybody’s problem. Club, landowners, membership, business owners, law enforcement.

Organizations like Trackside Blazers and Deerfield Snow Trails are urging the community to discourage people trying using modified exhausts. Your decision to drive your loud snowmobile is jeopardizing the trails for everyone else.

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