Want to get paid around $200 to role play for the day in Upstate New York? Now is your chance in Rome.

Here's How To Make $200

According to Oneida County, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is conducting research at Griffiss Business and Technology Park. What they are looking for is hundreds of people to act as "basic role-players" for one day. That day will be between September 14th-19th. The pay is $200 for the day. You can't go wrong with that easy cash.

What Does This Involve?

Those who participate have to perform activities and follow directions from the research staff while still and video image data are captured from several locations.  What they describe it as is the following:

Participation involves performing activities and following directions from research staff while still and video image data are captured from several locations. Basically, walking around designated areas, in certain patterns, and making certain types of movements. Otherwise, there are no real physical requirements. Participants will also have a lot of downtime throughout the day to sit and relax in between collection sessions. Wear casual attire but bring a second set of clothing to potentially assist with more data collection efforts, thus proving the computer cameras more diverse view. This is the second year IARPA has hosted a data collection

The intent of this day of research is simply to teach computer systems how to recognize certain types of body language and movements.

***Please note that participants are ONLY allowed to work one day throughout the duration of the program (they need different individuals every day in order to hit their program’s goal).

Additionally, we can only have 40 returning personnel from last year, thus it will have to be first come first serve. All others need to be new personnel, who did not participate last year.


What Are The Hours And Requirements?

- The hours will be 8:00AM - 5:00PM, including breaks, with a daily rate of $200.00. Selected personnel will be paid at the end of their day's work.

- Ages 18-65

- English speaking

- Able to follow general directions

- Can move around with ease/no major physical limitations

- Has reliable transportation to/from Rome Airport on event days

Apply Online Here

Want to apply? You can find more information and registration online here.

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