Everywhere they go, members of the original ‘Ghostbusters’ cast will be asked about the rumored third movie up until that movie’s actually playing on a screen somewhere. And every once in a while, one of those cast members will cough up a nugget of somewhat-significant news … like the fact that new writers are tackling the screenplay.

That comes to us from Dan Aykroyd, who spoke to WIVB during a bottle signing event in Amherst, Mass. The inevitable ‘Ghostbusters 3’ questions came up, and this time, Aykroyd admitted:

We’ve got a new writing staff working on it now. It’s got to be prefect. That’s the whole thing. There’s no point in doing it unless it’s perfect. So that’s what we’re up to now.

He’s right. There’s no sense in doing it unless it’s perfect. So those scripts floating through Bill Murray’s paper shredder weren’t up to snuff, apparently. The creative team behind ‘Year One,’ who were tasked with passing the baton to a younger generation of Ghostbusters, has dropped the ball, it seems.

Who are the writers on Aykroyd’s new staff, I wonder? And are they starting from scratch? No idea. We’ll have to wait until Harold Ramis speaks to a reporter while on a shopping trip, or Ernie Banks gets stopped at a celebrity golf tournament before we learn anything else about ‘Ghostbusters 3,’ the sequel that probably won’t ever happen in our lifetime.

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