Most cities have their own unique way of showing off their holiday spirit, but what Buffalo does, takes the cake... or the gingerbread.

A hotel in Buffalo has decided to show their Christmas Spirit by building a gigantic gingerbread house - gigantic doesn't even do a good job of describing it. The house is HUGE - standing at 24 feet tall, and weighing in at 1800 pounds! This magnificent work of art stands in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Buffalo. Take a look at this amazing creation.

Absolutely amazing, isn't it?! Can you imagine the time and effort it would take to create something like this. Not to mention the suspense putting it together (and hoping nothing falls apart). If you've ever built a gingerbread house before, I'm sure you can understand.

What a creative way to get into the holiday spirit. It is really unique, compared to the usual 'tree and present' set-up most hotels, businesses, and organizations usually put up.



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