If you haven't heard the good news, or you've forgotten, the Gin Blossoms are coming to our area in November.

At the beginning of August, news broke that the "Hey Jealousy" performers were going to be coming to Utica in November. I don't know about you, but August feels like it was forever ago, and I've forgotten a lot since then. I had forgotten that this "pop-rock" group was going to be in our area.


Whether this is the first time you're hearing the news or you just need a reminder, here are the details:

- The Gin Blossoms are going to playing a show at Mohawk Valley Community College

- The Show is Friday, November 2nd at 7pm

- Tickets are STILL available and cost $20 each

- Gin Blossoms are known for their hits "Found Out About You," "Follow You Down," "Til I Hear it From You," "As Long As It Matters," "Hey Jealousy," and others.

You can get more information about the upcoming show and get your tickets by visiting: Calendar.MVCC.edu

You can also get more information about other events and shows in the future at MVCC, at the calendar link (above).



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