This ultimate Adirondack vacation gives a whole new meaning to the word 'glamping.' This rental includes your own island, a chef, and a housekeeper - and it's just a little over 2 hours from Utica.

When you think of glamping, it likely brings to mind a rustic treehouse, or a glamorous safari tent in the semi-wilderness. You probably don't envision a whole private island to yourself, including a lean-to, a tree house, a log cabin, and a lodge for a total of 21 guests to sleep in luxurious comfort.


The island and all the buildings, situated in upper Saranac Lake, doesn't come cheap, but when you split it among 21 friends, it's not half bad. Wait to til you hear what's included.

Glampers are served by a boatman, a chef, and a housekeeper throughout their stay, and are provided with three meals a day and afternoon tea. Guests can indulge in unlimited wine, liquor, and snacks, and they can unwind in the luxurious hot tub on site. They also have access to 14 boats, as well as a range of sports equipment. There is also a personal fitness instructor for guests who want to stay active during their stay. This luxury island property has a tipi, a pool house, and several boathouses for storage and events.

Want to hang out in front of a fire in the great lodge? No problem, because the caretaker will cut the firewood and rebuild the fire daily.

I mean...what??

The island is so secretive - you don't even get the precise location until you book.

Are you ready to make your reservation? You can visit the booking site here.

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