I believe the saying goes something like "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." And in this case, the saying is one you should truly live by.

This home is definitely unique and I can never say I've truly seen a "glass house" like this before. It's a one-bedroom, one bathroom, 1100 square foot house on close to three acres of land. According to the description of the property on Zillow, there are endless possibilities.

The home is a one bedroom, one bath, and plenty of room for expansion. Situated on close to 3 acres of wooded land you have the ability to put pool, tennis and a larger home on this beautiful private property.

This glass home is located in Water Mill, New York, which is in the Hamptons on Long Island. So, knowing that information, and what exactly is included in the listing - how much do you think this property is listed for?

Here's the answer for you. Three. MILLION. DOLLARS. Excuse me....what?

The listing features the price history of the property, which shows this same house sold on the market in 2000 for $400,000. It was listed for sale back in May at $3,500,000. Three days later, they dropped the price to $500,000.

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This same house was featured on the popular real estate page Zillow Gone Wind, and many people are commenting on the price of the home, and how the price seems to be more directed to the amount of land that you'd be getting on top of the house.

"This house is on 3 acres in the Hamptons on Long Island. The property alone is worth that much. The house will be meaningless to whoever buys it."

"Water Mill is a beautiful area. You are buying the land here. Of course, depending on your aesthetic you could keep this house as a guest house while you build a new main house. Of course, a 1 BR house in the Hamptons means you can rid yourself of the summer pest aka the friends you only hear from in the summer angling for a weekend invite"

See inside the house for yourself (although, there's not much to truly see.)

Is This Glass House in New York Worth The Price?

Not much to see here. This house at 986 Noyac Path in Water Mill, New York is on the market for THREE MILLION DOLLARS. Worth it?

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