Whenever you watch a Disney movie, the homes are (for lack of a better term) magical. They always match the plot of the movie and truly capture the spirit that creators are looking for.

Have you ever wished that you could live in a home like that? One that truly looks like it's out of a Disney movie? You need to see this home on the real estate market.

It's nestled in Schoharie County at 755 Jones Hill Road in Jefferson, NY, and it's spectacular. Four bedrooms, five bathrooms, 4,200 square feet. What makes it so magical? It's actually a farm house with a cottage and another building that has a Norman architecture look. So, three in one.

The cottage is what looks like it could be Disney. It could be a great getaway for Elsa and Anna from Frozen, or maybe Rapunzel would love to spend some time here with Pascal?

The statement building on the property, also very privately sited, is a thatched roof cottage that would be at home in a writing of the Brothers Grimm. This cottage is a piece of art unto itself with many unusual and complex details requiring incredible skill to not only conceive but also realize.

The posting says there is a great room with a stone fireplace, vaulted beamed ceiling and barley twist central column support, hardwood floors and rustic stairway that leads to a single second floor bedroom and en-suite bath. The bedroom has a charming covered porch accessed via French doors with views of the surrounding countryside.

Also, on the first floor is a small drawing room, powder room, unique "secret" room behind a bookcase, vestibule with marble tile floor, and compact kitchen with custom cabinets and marble counters. How neat!

The Norman inspired building overlooks a peaceful pond outside and inside, several crystal chandeliers reflect the light from large windows overlooking the countryside. This building has many uses, the listing says it could be an art or dance studio, or could be converted to a spacious single family home and more.

Along with those two additional spaces, the farm house has been updated and modernized. Oh, and we should probably mention the price tag. It's just under two million dollars but there's SO much potential here.

Take a peek inside for yourself. What would you title the movie for the cottage? What would the plot be? Or would it be a continuation of your favorite movie? Let us know inside our station app.

755 Jones Hill Rd, Jefferson, NY

This property could literally be the set of a Disney movie. Would you buy this property for just under $2 Million? Read more about it here.

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