Glee continues to break ground as the Fox show gets ready to début the transition of Coach Shannon Beist, played by Dot Marie Jones, from a woman to a man. Marie tweeted a picture of her new look and you wouldn't even recognize her if you saw her on the street.

Jones tells People, she was hesitant about playing the role. "I just didn't want to let down the girls who are straight and tomboys that my character represented the last four seasons. But I got the script and I was, like, 'Oh my God. This is amazing.'"

The reaction from fans has been mostly positive for Jones who says, "I had thousands of Tweets from people. I was crying. Members of the transgender community were saying, 'I never thought I’d see myself on TV. You have no idea what this means to me. Now, maybe people will get it.' "

Glee doesn't shy away from controversial issues; highlighting gay and lesbian couples which isn't a first for television. However, the transgender issue is. It comes just as Bruce Jenner is said to be speaking out about his transition soon from a man to woman.

Glee will make Coach Beist's big reveal on February 13th on Fox.

Should Glee been applauded for highlighting the transgender population and what they go through or have they gone too far?


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